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Vesica Flower

Vesica Flower

The Vesica is a powerful symbol found in some form in almost every culture around the world.   The shape is derived from the VESICA PISCIS, the overlap of two circles where the center of one touches the circumference of the other.  The overlap or coming together of two things creates an opening for a third thing to be born.  


The Vesica Flower is handmade and unique.  While they all follow the same pattern of the VESICA PISCIS, each one is lovingly created with the joy, inspiration, and magical materials of the moment.  There are sacred symbols drawn and placed under select tiles to create a resonant field of love around the piece, helping to harmonize any environment it's placed.


12" overall size with D-ring hangar on back, signed by the artist.  For indoor use only.


This special Vesica Flower was created with gold amber foil tiles, pale gold glitter tiles, dark blue sparkle tiles, and red mirror bits.  Petals are flat purple glass tile outlined in purple crystal tiles.  Gold mirror lines the background.  Framed with pale tangerine crystal mini tiles.  Grouted in charcoal for maximum pop of these rich colors.


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