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ART as a means to spirituality and healing...

When I made my first mosaic in 2008, I knew that I'd found something special.  A way to express myself that wasn't purely connected to representational art but could be felt in pattern and color. 


The tactile nature of the materials also appealed to me very much.  Soon I found that it wasn't just me that experienced this with mosaic.  As I started to teach and share my love for this art form, I saw many "students" have a similar response - a meditative state of happiness and bliss, a suspension of the over-thinking mind, a flow of joy. 


This is what I want to continue to share.

My personal art is inspired by the healing waters of the ocean and the crystal springs of the mountains, the pure beauty of nature, and the sacred geometry that connects it.  My intent is to infuse love and happiness into everything I create.

Thank you for sharing my journey!!!

--Michele Pasciullo, founder, Purple Lotus Mosaics



Purple Lotus Mosaics is a group of three artists/makers – Michele, Brad, and Frosty.


Together and individually we create mosaic-inspired work using tile, glass, and fabrics. Our connection to each other began in Berkeley Springs, WV, where we were drawn to the crystal waters and high vibrational energy.


Synchronicities led us to join together in artistic creation as our style and divine inspiration are very similar to each other. Bright colors, shiny things, sacred geometry, upcycling, light & pattern are just a few of those similarities.


Purple Lotus Mosaics was started over 10 years ago by Michele as a way to share her personal art and teach mosaics to others. Over the years, it’s morphed into its current iteration which includes the influence, inspiration, and creative expression of Brad and Frosty. The combination of the three is what is allowing the outward expression and sharing to festivals and folk that call to us so that we can bring our own special brand of magic.

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