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"TWO" Yin Yang

"TWO" Yin Yang

"TWO" is created with black and white ceramic tiles.  The background is handcut mirror, reflecting light wherever it is hung.  Grouted in black.


The YinYang is an ancient symbol originating in the Orient that shows opposite but interconnected forces.  These TWO are balanced opposites - within one is the seed of the other.


This original art mosaic is 24" round, mounted on a framed wood backing.  Wired for wall hanging.  Signed by the artist.  For indoor use only.


Inspired by "Crop Circles" or GEO-GLYPHS which appear in living fields of grain, mostly in England near Stonehenge.  These glyphs have been mysteriously appearing in increasing complexity for the past 40+ years.  This one appeared on May 30, 2020 at Cley Hill, mear Warminster, Wiltshire.  PHOTO BY STEVE ALEXANDER.


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