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Personal Power Mirror (PURPLES)

Personal Power Mirror (PURPLES)

Access your PERSONAL POWER!!  Remember your beauty every time you look in the mirror.  Surround yourself with positive vibrations and a resonant field of LOVE.  


Each Personal Power Mirror is handmade and unique.  While some may follow similar patterns of Sacred Geometry, each one is lovingly created with the joy, inspiration, and magical materials of the moment.  There are sacred symbols drawn and placed under select tiles and under the central mirror itself, reflecting to you beauty in balance.


18" overall size, wired on the back for hanging, signed by the artist.  The central mirror is 12" round.  For indoor use only.


Luscious iridescent purple rings the central mirror, layered with crinkly silvers - a stunning effect!!  One of my personal favorites, this wall mirror will elevate any room.  Grouted in charcoal.  A daily reminder to LOVE YOURSELF!!!


Cost includes free US shipping.


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