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Sacred Geometry Art

Surround Yourself with Beauty in Balance

Meditative Creations & Classes by Purple Lotus Mosaics

Amplify your healing intentions with the power of Sacred Geometry.

Art with the Power to Harmonize

Sacred geometry is believed to have healing properties that can be used to balance and harmonize the energy field of individuals and spaces.

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Dive Deeper into Sacred Geometry

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Why Sacred Geometry?

Art as a Means to Spirituality and Healing

When Michele made her first mosaic in 2008, she knew she'd found something special. She quickly discovered the tactile nature of the materials and calming process she loved was a deeply healing experience. 


The geometric nature of mosaic is inherently linked to pattern and its balancing effects.  This led to an interest in drawing mandalas where sacred geometry emerged as a sort of language that wanted to be discovered and remembered.


As she started to teach her love for these art forms, she witnessed many students create in a meditative state of happiness and bliss. It’s as if the overthinking mind temporarily turns off to surrender into the flow of joy. It’s for this reason that she and Brad continue to share this valuable experience through our own art, classes, and events. 


A Coloring Book for Contemplation

Introducing Stars Glyphs and Sacred Symbols, a hand-drawn collection of 33 pictograms with meditations and affirmations by Michele Pasciullo.


For a limited time, I'm giving away free mandala crystal bags for early book purchases. Send me a message on FB, IG or with the contact form below to learn more! 


Free Printable Mandala Coloring Page

Enjoy the relaxing experience of coloring in this healing sacred geometry pattern.

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