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Purple Lotus Mosaics offers high-quality custom mosaic art, personalized small group or 1:1 classes, DIY workshops, and more! Find us at a retail store or event near you!

A Mosaic Way of Life

mosaic (n.): A picture or decoration made of small, usually colored pieces of inlaid stone, glass, tile, etc.

mosaic (adj.): Composed of a combination of diverse elements

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DIY Mosaic Kits

Want to make your own mosaic masterpiece? These simple DIY kits contain everything you need to make your next girls night or birthday party a huge hit. 


Each kit includes detailed instructions and pre-cut moasic pieces. Explore your creativity as you place, glue, and set your very own handmade mosaic art.

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Customized Classes

Whether you want to join a small group class or need some expert one-on-one advice for your next big mosaic undertaking, we are here to help!

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