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"NINE" is created with an abundance of silver reflective mirror, both circles and hand-cut strips.  The background is iridescent purple/green stained glass rays.  Grouted in black.


The number nine is often associated with COMPLETION of a cycle or the culmination of a journey.  In the context of The Emerald Tablets, the number 9 may symbolize the attainment of spiritual enlightenment or the realization of the ultimate truth.


This original art mosaic is 24" round, mounted on a framed wood backing.  Wired for wall hanging.  Signed by the artist.  For indoor use only.


Inspired by "Crop Circles" or GEO-GLYPHS which appear in living fields of grain, mostly in the south of England but also all over the world. These glyphs have been mysteriously appearing in increasing complexity for the past 40+ years. This one was recorded on July 25, 2023.


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